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Коды и пачи на starship troopers

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Troopers: Коды - Пачи Crusade

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3 кода 2006 в 14:15 #

кодах и пачи на starship troopers

THQ и Relic Entertainment официально анонсировали второе дополнение к стратегии Warhammer 40 000: Dawn of War. Адд-он Dark Crusade предложит две новые расы, Tau Empire и Necrons . а также необычный подход к организации синглплеерной кампании. Кроме того, разработчики обещают удивить геймеров необычной экономической моделью расы Некронов и множеством других нововведений. Релиз Dark Crusade состоится осенью

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19 мая 2006 в 20:10 #

Вот новая инфа, правда на английском, я в нём не силён, а переводить промтом, понт, может кто знает инглиш переведёт, нормально, мне в принцмпе и промтовский перевод был понятен.

If there's one question lovers of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 love to debate, it's this: "Which race do you think are the 'good guys'?" That's a lot tougher than it initially appears because the Warhammer 40,000 universe is not a happy place. Think of your standard fantasy universe, fast forward 400 centuries so you have elves and orcs and demons wielding high-tech weaponry, soak liberally in gallons of blood and you've got a small idea as to what the Warhammer 40,000 universe is like.

In such a world, there isn't time for luxuries like mercy, generosity, or kindness. That's what makes races like the Tau and the Necron so fascinating for players, and their addition to Relic's Dawn of War series is one of several reasons to get excited about the latest expansion pack.

The common consensus among Warhammer 40,000 fans is that it's the Tau, not the human race, who come closest to being the "good guys." The Tau are a multi-species conglomeration who have come together to work for the common good of all sentient life. Of course, the Tau's definition of the "common good" is fairly close to what we would call a police state, and they really don't take no for an answer when they ask you to join (think Star Trek's Federation without a Prime Directive or any of that touchy-feely liberalism).

The Necron, on the other hand, are pretty close to pure evil. They're an ancient race who has been dormant for millions of years. Now they've woken up, and they've decided the galaxy would be a much quieter place without all those pesky younger races around -- or any sentient life at all, for that matter. They're basically the Warhammer 40,000 equivalent of a fantasy universe's undead, only without as much personal warmth and charm.

What we've seen of Dark Crusade so far looks like an excellent addition to an already terrific game. The Tau were described by the Relic demonstrator as a "shooty army." As a group, the Tau have superior technology, but their membership doesn't have the muscle to go up against the physical strength of a Space Marine or an Ork. That's why Tau armies put an emphasis on speed and firepower. The order of the day for Tau seems to be move, shoot, move, shoot, and don't let grass grow under your feet.

The Necron, on the other hand, are all about methodical destruction. They're incredibly slow, but they're also really tough. Even worse, they have the nasty trick of not staying dead. Leave their destroyed warriors alone long enough and they'll actually pull themselves back together and get back in the fight. The Necron Lord, one of the Necron's leader units, even has a special ability to bring an entire company of warriors back from the dead at once.

Other Necron units include bug-like swarmers that are only vulnerable to area-of-effect damage, and the Wraith, a flying unit that acts as a melee fighter. Interestingly, the Necron economy works a bit differently than the other races. Rather than building multiple base buildings, Necron players will have to decide whether to spend command points on frontline soldiers or digging up enormous pyramid-shaped mobile fortresses that are psychotically powerful and nearly impossible to destroy when they're completely unearthed.

Relic is also answering critic's objections to the historically thin nature of Dawn of War's single-player campaign. Rather than just offer another linear story-based campaign in which players get to play with the two new races, this time around players get to run an entire campaign and conquer an alien world in a Risk-style strategy game. The player will be able to choose to play as any one of the game's seven races, and the storyline will supposedly be different for each of them. Play will proceed in a turn-based fashion as players attack and defend various provinces from their opponents, and each area captured will convey strategic bonuses to forces on the RTS battlefield. This is an approach that's worked well in games like Rise of Nations, so it'll be interesting to see what Relic Entertainment does with it.

Multiplayer fans will also get some new toys to play with --customizable heroes. In the single-player game, the player's main character will grow in experience and gain the ability to kit him, her, or itself out with specialized gear such as jetpacks or long-range missiles that players can use to enhance their own play style. Each enhancement will be visually represented on the character model. This ought to shove a monkey-wrench into some of the most well-known multiplayer strategies because each of these enhancements will be powerful enough to shift the way a multiplayer game plays out and can be used by smart players to take advantage of opponent's strategic blind spots.

Right now, the only serious concern we have with Dark Crusade is the fate of the Imperial Guard. This race was introduced in the previous expansion pack Winter Assault and isn't playable without owning that product. Relic hasn't explained yet whether the Imperial Guard will continue to be barred to players without Winter Assault once Dark Crusade hits the shelves. If so, that could put a serious crimp in the multiplayer community. Regarding the rest of the expansion pack, however, Relic has proved through the original game and its subsequent expansion to be more than able custodians of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise. We're excited to see how the latest expansion shakes out when Dark Crusade releases in fall of 2006.

Коды и пачи на starship cavalrymen

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